Welcome to the Grant County Property Valuation Website

Welcome to the Grant County Property Valuation Administrator’s Website! We are excited to offer this service to you! Please feel free to use all aspects of this office and contact us if you have any questions or concerns! You can call our office at (859)824-6511, send us a message from this site in our “contact us” tab, or reach out to us on our Facebook page.

*** On Saturday’s ***

For security purposes, if the County Clerk’s office is closed that Saturday, we will only open the side door of the Old Courthouse that faces Forcht Bank. If the Clerk’s office is open that Saturday, we will have all three doors open of the Old Courthouse just like Monday through Friday. Our office is open every Saturday (unless of a Holiday or special circumstance) from 9:00 am until Noon. Please feel free to give our office a call if you have any questions or concerns about our Saturday policy at 859-824-6511

News Updates



Property Tax Assessment notices have been sent out for the 2024 tax bill season. The assessment is not the amount that your tax bill will be but it does affect the amount that you would owe in taxes come October.  If you’ve received a notice please give our office a call at 859-824-6511 or email me at elliott.anderson@ky.gov and we can talk about your property in detail and see if there are ways that we can legally lower your property’s assessment.

Reasons for receiving an assessment letter:

Purchased a new property last year and we are notifying you of your assessment based on the purchase price.
Built a new home or structure on your property.
Actively listed your property for sale or in the process of selling the property currently.
Based on the sales in your area, state statute has us re-assess all property at least once in a 4-year period and at 100% fair market value.
Vacant Farmland whose USDA soil class has increased.


The office has sent out 1,610 notices out of the possible 12,792 parcels of property in Grant County. That is just 12.58% of taxpayers receiving a notice this year. Out of the 1,610 notices, 1,505 (93.47%) of those notices are related to the top three reasons listed above.

Meet Eli Anderson, Grant County PVA

Eli was born the youngest of three siblings, on a farm in Corinth where he developed a strong work ethic. He learned great Customer Service from the best, for over 5 years at Bruce’s Grocery! Eli is married to his High School sweetheart Mackenzie. They currently reside in Williamstown with their young son, Baylor. Eli learned how to do more with less while working his way through college by doing everything from working third shift at a plastics factory to being a teller at the local bank. As an 11th generation Grant Countian and lifelong resident, he wants to see Grant County grow and flourish like his young son! Eli looks forward to working hard with his staff of dedicated deputies to ensure that your assessments are fair and equitable!